Master studies



Academy of Arts is an institution of higher education, art and science which implements first study cycle – Bachelor academic studies; second study cycle – Master academic studies, Specialist studies and third study cycle – Doctoral academic studies in the field of music, fine arts and dramatic arts, as well as social sciences and humanities. The studies are in accordance with the rules of studying based on European Credit Transfer System (ECTS credits).

Master academic studies carry 60 ECTS credits, which corresponds to the period of one academic year or two semesters, as determined by the study program.


In order to enrol in the first year of master studies, the candidates have to pass the entrance exam. The eligible candidates for the entrance exam are the candidates who have completed corresponding Bachelor studies with at least 240 ECTS credits.
Furthermore, in order to take the entrance exam at the study program Music Pedagogy, the candidates need to have passed the exams Methodology of Teaching Solfège and Methodology of Teaching Music, or at least one of the mentioned exams during their undergraduate studies.
The candidates for the study program Music Pedagogy who during their undergraduate studies did not have one of the two courses (exams) mentioned in the previous paragraph, will have to pass them as the differential exams.

The candidates submit the following documents to the Student Office:

– Application form (can be obtained at the doorman’s office of the Academy of Arts)
– Diploma or certificate of completion of Bachelor studies with at least 240 ECTS credits (a copy + sworn translation in Serbian)
– A copy of the birth certificate (+ sworn translation in Serbian)
– Proof of citizenship


Additional documentation for foreign students:

– Certificate of Recognition of foreign Bachelor diploma
– Health insurance
– Proof of knowledge of Serbian language


1. Candidates are required to show an ID card for identification during the exam.
2. Entering mobile phones and additional equipment in the room where the exam is taking place is strictly forbidden.
3. Candidates who do not pass the entrance exam are required to take their documents within 5 days after the results of the competition are announced.
Copies of documents will not be returned.