Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in cultural and creative industries through interdisciplinary education
Funded by: Erasmus+ KA203 Strategic partnerships for higher education

Project duration: 01/11/2020-31/10/2022
Participating countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Serbia


The aim of the project is the development of multilingualism and interculturalism in contemporary society, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, it presents an experimental approach to the translation of drama text into another language, including how to deal with the language barriers in experiencing the theatre, as well as other cultural, territorial and nationals peculiarities.

Participating countries: Serbia, France, Great Britain

Funded by: Creative Europe

Project duration: 2016 – 2017


The project is envisioned as an attempt of artists and students to tackle the issue of irresponsible urban planning. The case study focused on the problem of public sculptures of Novi Sad.

Participating countries: Serbia, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary

Duration of the project: 2014-2015

Funded by: International Visegrad Fund

Project website: bizarrelovetriangle.akademija.uns.ac.rs

PANNONIAN ART PATH – strengthening cooperation and networking between higher education institutions in the field of art and ecology

The project aimed at stimulating creative research in the field of land art, linking it with fundamental postulates of environment protection and healthy life style, through intensive work with students.

Participating countries: Serbia and Croatia

Duration of the project: 2013-2014

Funded by:  IPA Cross border cooperation Croatia Serbia


Development of higher education and society by creating a collaborative environment in the field of arts and media through regional student partnership in production of audio/video content

The goal of the project is improvement of the educational process for the students of audiovisual art and media studies, their need to participate in professional production and  to present their work to the public.

The participating countries: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Bulgaria

Funded by: TEMPUS

Duration of the project: 2013 -2016

Project website: studavp.net


Introducing interdisciplinarity in Music Studies in the Western Balkans in Line with the European Perspective

The goal of the project was development of an interdisciplinary approach in higher education in the field of music.

Participating countries: Serbia, Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244/99), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Sweden

Duration of the project: 2011-2015

Project website: inmuswb.net


Academy of Arts
Department of Dramatic Arts


Academy of Arts

Department of Music 


Academy of Arts
Department of Fine Arts