Study programmes DOCTORAL STUDIES

Doctoral studies of Fine Arts last for three years and are completed with the defense of a doctoral art project.

During the first two years of study, the students acquire extensive knowledge through group of compulsory and elective subjects in art, theory or combination of art and theory. The third year is reserved for intensive art research and the work on doctoral art project.

The doctoral art project presents a unique art work created with the process and techniques of one or more fine arts media (painting, sculpture, graphics, drawing, photography, video, digital media…). In order to start work on doctoral art project, which is done in the cooperation with the selected or assigned supervisor, the project proposal must be accepted first.

The doctoral art project is publicly presented in the space and in a way that is most suitable to the work itself so that it is equally available to academic community and the society at large. Besides the presentation of the work (an exhibition, projection, performance, installation…), one must enclose a written accompanying document (a written part of the doctoral art project) with accompanying photographs and other attachments.

The studies are completed with a public defense of the written and practical part of the art work.


Doctoral studies Applied Arts and Design is specific study programme of applied arts which mostly covers the field of graphic design and its application within the new digital media in contemporary art. These studies are based on the field of visual and graphic communications, but with the idea that they can be interdisciplinary so they can achieve a broader range of study and artistic research. This gives the possibility for the students of similar study programmes in the field of applied arts to attend it without difficulties.

Within such framework of doctoral studies, each student can continuously and thoroughly work on creation of his/her own authentic expression and solve concrete problems through professional, theoretical and artistic work while applying the adequate methods.

Doctoral studies Applied Arts and Design last for three years and include two-semester courses.

The outcome of the study process is an expert with the highest level of academic degree who has advanced practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of applied visual arts, as well as the knowledge about the flows in contemporary art. He/she has mastered the methodology of the research and is capable of being in charge of an interdisciplinary art project while independently using research and his/her own original approach.



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